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You will create an app that will let you play pong. Pong has a ball that you can hit with a paddle. Each time you hit the ball with the paddle you will increase the score. The ball bounces off of the paddle and the left wall, top wall, and right wall. If the ball makes it past the paddle to the bottom wall you lose.

  • Ages: All
  • Rating: Easy
  • Time to compelete: 60-90 minutes
  • What you should already know:
    • How to create a new project
    • How to add a Canvas to your screen
  • What you will learn:
    • How to add a Ball (an ImageSprite) and a paddle
    • How to use a start button to start a game
    • How to check when the ball hits the paddle and how to change the direction of the ball
    • How to use a variable to keep score
    • How to create a new procedure
    • How to use labels to show the score and let the user know if she won or lost