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Zombie Game

    This project will show you how to create a simple game in Alice 2.2 and teach you basic concepts in computer programming. The object of the game is to click on the Zombie 5 times. The Zombie will appear in a random location and then disappear again.

    When you follow this project tutorial, it is a good idea play your game often in between steps so that you can see how it is progressing. Also remember to save your project often.

    • Ages: High School
    • Rating: Medium
    • Time to Complete: 1 hour
    • What you should already know:
      • Adding objects
      • Calling methods
      • Creating new methods
    • What you will learn:
      • Editing objects' properties
      • How to use While Loops
      • Using variables to keep track of the score
      • Adding new Events based on user input
      • Adding 3D Text
    • Additional Resource: SimpleGameInAlice.ppt